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January 16, 2018

My favorite Lilly Pulitzer products

My favorites from Lilly Pulitzer and what I am currently using

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Lilly Pulitzer is one of my favorite go-to stores for happy clothes and office supplies.  I seriously adore all of the clothes, office supplies, notebooks, drink cups, you name it… I love it!  Living in Ohio wearing these clothes might seem a little crazy – but I always feel so much happier when I am using her products.   I am really excited that they now have a store in Columbus!  I know I visited the store in Cincinnati and I could not figure out for the life of me why Cincinnati had one of her stores… but Columbus didn’t! So, rest assured all you Columbus people – we now have a store! Thank you, Jesus!


12 Month Agenda.

I have the Flamingo print and it is by far my FAVORITE planner ever!!! Seriously, I have tried so many planners, agendas, lists, notebooks, etc. The list is seriously endless for the types of planners that I have tried and Lilly’s are my favorite.  They are such happy looking planners.  I had been using the Simplified planner by Emily ley for awhile – which in itself is a great planner…. but.. It needed some color on the pages.  I am just not one of those people that want to spend all my time making my planner/bullet journal/etc pretty. I like my planner to already be pretty.  Lilly’s planners have gorgeous cover designs that spill over into the pages and it just makes for a happy planner. I don’t know how else to describe it.  So, I have been using them for years. If you are someone who is always looking for a planner, give this one a  try – you might like it!



I couldn’t find the exact dress that I bought on sale. I think it is out of stock already – but I will show you when it comes in! This dress was a close second!  IF I had an occasion to wear it to, then I would have totally bought it.  It is the perfect dress for doing anything that involves a wedding. I mean come on… white with gold accents? How can you not go wrong with that!  If I was getting married again or going on a honeymoon then I would totally be buying this dress in a heartbeat.  It is perfect for bridal shower, bachelorette weekends, dinners during your honeymoon. It is gorgeous… maybe I can get Scott to go to some tropical place so it makes sense for me to buy this dress!! Or… I could buy it and go out in Ohio! I might have to do that! I will let you know if I end up buying it to wear in Ohio since we aren’t going anywhere super tropical for a while…


Renato Tunic

I adore this tunic. I bought one earlier this year in a different print.  I feel like that is the only downside about sharing some of my loves from Lilly… I need to share them right when I buy them instead of months later because the prints go quick!  This is the same style of tunic and I do adore this print.  It is totally spring and I love it.  I really like my tunic that I have because it has the right amount of breeze and flowyness ( is that even a word? ) to it.  I really like to wear blouses and tunics in the spring/summer that give a little and have more movement instead of tops that are suction-cupped to me.  Let’s be real here… I am not a size 2.. and I have had 1 baby… that was a C-section… so any tops that have extra movement and can hide the mommy bulge is great!





Lilly Pulitzer New Arrivals

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