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November 6, 2017

My Favorites: Hearth and Hand by Magnolia at Target

Are you as excited as I am about Hearth and Hand at Target?  Ahhh!! I could not be more excited about these new products!  I loved it when Target did a Lily Pulitzer several years ago.  I was sad that it was only a one-time thing with her products.  I LOVE the fact that Hearth and Hand is going to be around for a long time and isn’t just a limited one-time dealio.  So Happy!!


I went to my local Target to check out some of the fun items that they have and I must say, I was not disappointed at all!  I am posting a couple of my favorites!  As much as I would have LOVED to buy all these products myself and take my own pictures… that just is not in the budget! So, I did grab these pictures off of the Target website!


 Smoke Glass Jug Vase

I have a love for jars – clear jars, blue jars, smokey jars.  I loved colored glass jars mostly because they have enough character that they can easily stand alone without anything or they dress up flowers and vegetation beautifully.  I do have so many glass jars at the moment that I did not buy these, but I wanted to mention them because they are so versatile and beautiful.

Wood and Wire Tray

I did end up buying this wood and wire tray.  It was too perfect to pass up on.  I have been looking for a nice styled tray for a very long time and this fit exactly what I was looking for.  Smooth wood, nice coloring, gold accents with the wire.  It is perfect and I am so happy I got it!

Glass Vase with Tree

This adorable tree is a perfect farmhouse Christmas decoration!  I love the fact that it can easily stay out in January too since there are no ornaments on it!  Perfect winter decor!  They were all sold out of these little guys at my Target, but I did find them online!  In some ways, they remind me of a craft we did in Kindergarten.  We made a snowglobe out of a baby food jar… obviously, these glass vases are a far cry from baby food jars – but the concept of the evergreen with snow on the base in a jar is the same!

Carved Wood Decorative Bowl

I tried really hard to find one of these Carved Wood decorative bowls, but they were all sold out!  I love these wooden bowls because they are honestly the best to decorate a table with.  They fit any season and you can put anything in them and they look lovely!


Wooden Toy Cookie Baking Set 

Is this baking set not the cutest? It has velcro on the cookies which makes it function a lot like Melissa and Doug toys.  I love it!  The velcro does get a little crazy with our dog Bentley, but I love the idea of Wyatt baking since I am always in the kitchen!

Wooden toy bench

I feel like this is a little kids dream workbench!  My sister and I had a toy workbench when we were growing up and we loved it.  We would ” hammer” in plastic nails into the wood with the plastic hammer. We LOVED it.  That toy has resurfaced at my parent’s house and now all the grandkids love to play with that toy bench.  It is time Wyatt had one too!  It is for 3+ due to the small parts.  It looks like the washers are small and maybe some of the screws.  Wyatt has several toys that are for 3+ due to small parts and we just put the small parts that he might eat into a bag to save for when he isn’t so interested in chewing on everything.

Canvas & Leather Tote Bag

I died when I saw this bag!  I LOVE the color of it – the gray and the brown are a gorgeous and classic combination.  The leather was so smooth on the tote as well.  What can I say I LOVE Jo’s tote selection!


Glass Vase with Brass Wrap

I saw these online and they were all sold out at my Target ( seriously, story of my life!)  I adore these little vases those.  The brass wrap is gorgeous and perfect for any occasion.  I know all the winter holidays are coming up and they can easily look very, very christmasey…. but could you not just imagine these in the spring filled with some Easter eggs or tulips?  They would be perfect! Target shows them with candles in them and that is a great idea for the holidays.  Another idea is filled with water and some cranberries floating around on top – Brass and berries!



Leather Saddle Gloves

I am addicted to good working gloves.  I always buy a pair every year to work outside and work around the house.  These gloves are keepers.  They are so smooth outside and inside, fit perfectly and are a nice rich brown color.   I would love to buy these for Scott, but he is not a fan of using gloves… ever… so, maybe I can just get a pair for myself!









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